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Make 1,000's Trading Cards!

The most exciting and time saving fundraiser you will ever do!

  1. No more knocking on doors. No selling Involved

  2. Parents love it.

  3. Kids love it.

  4. Have fun with this product the entire year.

  5. Organizations make amazing returns.

Click on this link to watch our Video

League Organizers call one of our reps in your area. If there is no rep listed for your area call the Home Office and we will assign one to your account. 

Meet The Team

Randy Tivens

California, Arizona. New Mexico, Nevada


Beth Boecker

DFW Metroplex, Greater Cincinnati, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma


Elizabeth Young

Houston Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia

looking for reps in the in these areas

Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Missiouri & Kansas. Call or send and email to

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