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Baseball Trading CArds 2018 NYBC

NYBC Tournament Last Day to Order is Tuesday by 7pm July 17th! All proof and approval's must done by 10pm July 17th

Welcome to the Trading Card Ordering Page of the National Youth Baseball Championships. Congratulations for getting your team to this tournament and good luck during Championship week!  This year Dinger Select Trading Cards and NYBC will be partnering together to offer each player their very own personalized Trading Card. Cards will be traded during the opening ceremonies and throughout the tournament week.  Check out the styles and amounts below and follow the process in ordering. If you have any questions or issues contact us via phone, email or the website contact form. Dinger Select is the only National Youth Sports Trading Card designed exclusively for your players

Ordering our Cards is a 2-Step Process. Orders must be placed

2-weeks prior to the start of the NYBC Championships opening ceremonies.

Below, select the style and amount of cards you want to purchase. Once you have selected then checkout and pay for cards.  The 150-$59.95 is the best deal.  New offering 25- top quality cards at $29.95

After you have paid for the cards, you will be taken to the thank you page. Click on the button that will take you to the trading card form. Fill out all the appropriate fields hit submit and we will take it form there. 

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