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2D Sports World Series trading cards

Trade them in tournaments! Memories that will last a lifetime!


Welcome to the 2D World Series Trading Card Page. Please Read Ordering Instructions Below!

Welcome to the 2023 2D World Series Trading Card page!. Follow ordering instructions below to order your players cards. Session One,  June 15th-18th.  LAST DAY TO ORDER IS FRIDAY JUNE 2ND. For Session Two, June 22nd-25th. LAST DAY TO ORDER IS FRIDAY JUNE 9TH.  We will make every effort to ship your cards to the your home before tournament. However, if we feel that the cards would not arrive in time, we will ship to tournament director to be picked up at check in. WE URGE YOU NOT TO WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY TO ORDER!!  Teams are encouraged to order cards together. If a team rep wants to order the entire team, you will can use the code TEAM (all caps) at check out to receive $25 OFF your cards since they will be shipped to one location. To use the TEAM coupon you must order a minimum of 10 cards at one time. We have a "Team Only" Card if your team does not want individual cards. The packs are 1,000 cards and DO NOT QUALIFY FOR THE TEAM SHIPPING DISCOUNT! To see all the card designs and amounts, including "Team Packs" keep scrolling down the page.  If you have questions reach out via this website, "contact us" and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have limited staff so phone calls may take longer for us to get back to you via phone. Email is the best form of communication. Thank you and we know you will enjoy the memories these cards will provide. 

Order cards today. Print & Ship within 7-10 days after approval of the card proof. 

Below, select the style and amount of cards you want to purchase. Once you have selected then checkout and pay for cards.  Each set will be 100-250 full color front and back glossy trading cards. 

After you have paid for the cards, you will be taken to the Thank You page. We will email you a form within 24hrs,  to complete and send back to us with pictures of each player. The form will have items to fill in for the card, but you can use all the info or pick an choose what you would like on your card.   We will get a proof out as soon as possible. We do our best to match the cards to team uniform colors!!

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